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Frequently asked


  • How Can I make a buy from this site?
    On the home page, click on the Bookstore menu from the above menu tab and that menu will redirect you to the Bookstore where you can find all kind of books for your needs and can buy at reasonable prices.
  • How Do I add products to my Cart and buy later?
    To add any book to your cart , you need to follow these simple steps: 1. Click on the book 2. A new tab will open with a Add to cart button on it. 3. Click on add to cart The book will be added to your cart and you can buy whenever you want to buy.
  • Are promocodes applicable on the purchases?
    Yes! Promocodes are applicable on the purchases made through our web Store. The promocodes are generated time to time and sent over email to subscribed users so that they can use that in their upcoming purchases to make a happy and Value for money purchase.
  • Are Delivery Charges already included in the total costing Showed on the website?
    Yes! The price shown on the Website is inclusive of all the delivery charges and other charges.
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